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How Long Should It Take To Integrate A VA Into Your Business

How long it will take for a VA to be integrated into your business is like asking ‘How long is a piece of string’. This all changes if you understand the 5 basic rules of integrating a VA into your business. Today we discuss those rules and how long it should take for you to […]

SEO or Paid Advertising

SEO and Paid Advertising are both in the top 5 methods used by local businesses when marketing online. We are often asked which of these 2 methods would suit best in their business and have recorded a conversation where we discuss which one would work best in your business. We also discuss the idea of […]

Specific Tasks You Can Get A Va To Perform In Your Business

Outsourcing for small to medium businesses is still in the early adopter stage and as a result a number of business owners don’t quite understand the type and variety of tasks a VA can perform for their business. In today’s session I cover a number of tasks our VA’s perform for clients and explain how […]

5 Different Types Of Content Every Website MUST HAVE

What are Content? Pictures, Text, Video??? While these are all types of content they really don’t layout the exact formula you should use to convert your visitors to customers. In this session we outline the 5 different types of content and how you should strategically use each type to create funnels that lead your visitors […]

How Do You Performance Manage an Underperforming VA

Fact: If you cut corners you often get a lower than expected result. This statement EXACTLY applies when looking at an underperforming Virtual Assistant. In reality it’s not the ‘Fault’ of the employer, they simply weren’t shown the steps you should follow to ensure your VA stays on track. Today we discuss how you can […]

Top 5 Online Marketing Strategies If You’re On A Tight Budget

Many small to medium business owners understand there are opportunities to growing business online but don’t have the budget to invest. Like many areas of business, if you simply think outside the box there’s always opportunity hiding if you’re prepared to turn over a few rocks to look for it. In today’s session we cover […]

The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing

I’m often surprised by issues that arise when looking at outsourcing and the solutions you need to implement (if possible) to overcome them. On the other hand there are a lot of successes with some of them pleasant surprises (these are the says I give myself a High Five). Over the years of outsourcing I’ve […]

Email Marketing Tips For Small To Medium Business

Email Marketing is one of the MOST PROFITABLE methods for online marketing, yet is one of the most under used strategies for small to medium businesses. In today’s strategy session we cover the top 7 tips to grow your business through email marketing and show you the secrets of the BIG GUYS and how they […]