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Is Outsourcing Destroying Our Local Economy?

When you talk outsourcing there are definitely mixed opinions around the subject. I have been fortunate time and time again to see outsourcing help businesses grow and in this video I answer whether or not outsourcing can grow or shrink an economy. Watch while I walk you through a client case study and break down […]

How Social Should I Be With My Business

A recent study showed 72% of businesses that have a online marketing strategy include Social Media within that strategy. The biggest challenge though is how do you measure a return on investment, especially as the more time you give to Social Media, the more it can take. In this video we discuss how social you […]

How Much Should I Pay For A Va?

There is a lot of speculation around how much you should pay when outsourcing and I have to admit at times this can be a ‘How Long is a Piece of String’ question. With over 86,000 hours of outsourcing experience I’ve come to understand the right amount to pay and what you actually get in […]

7 Basics Every Website Needs To Succeed

Getting found in the Search Engines, Bringing in Traffic and Getting Customers from your website come back to 7 simple principles. In this video we cover the different ways people view your website and the foundational areas you need to have a website that flourishes now and in the future. These really are compulsory if […]

How Do I Make Sure My Va Is Performing?

One of the most common complaints I get when I talk to people about outsourcing is it’s too hard to understand if my outsourcer is actually performing. In today’s video I’m sharing the top tools a guy that has over 86,000 hours experience uses and how you can gain complete CLARITY on your outsourced team […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Internal Linking

How you structure and set up your website plays a BIG part on how your website ranks in the Search Engines. In this video we discuss the importance of Internal Linking and how you can you can either have amazing results or have your site crash and burn if you ignore these basics.

What Are The Best Ways To Communicate And Stay In Touch With A Va

When people approach me about outsourcing the most common comment I get is “I didn’t get the result I expected from outsourcing”. Outsourcing is like any other business process and needs to be approached from a systematic approach if you’re going to get the best result. I cover off 5 tools I use to get […]

How To Identify What A Va Can Do For You

When talking to people about outsourcing the biggest concern in the beginning is ‘how will I fill up a VA’s time’. When you go through this exercise you’ll understand there’s a massive opportunity to outsource and grow your business.

Quality Content, Google and E.A.T.

In this video I discuss changes to Google’s quality guidelines and the concept of Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness. If you would like to ensure you’re getting the best results for your online presence then you need to watch this video.