Specific Tasks A VA Cannot Perform

Specific Tasks A VA Cannot Perform

As more and more business look at outsourcing, it’s important to consider any limitations around tasks outsourcers / VA’s cannot perform in your business. When you realise this at the very beginning it allows you to look at how you can integrate a VA into your business to get the best return for your Investment.

In today’s session we delve in deep, discussing those limitations and the idea of Universal and Specialist tasks.

Critical Elements Every CMS Should Have

Critical Elements Every CMS Should Have

A website CMS (Content Management System) is an easier way that allows anyone in your business to update key areas of your website.

While CMS’ are great it’s important to ensure they are set up to allow the maximum yield, especially if you’re looking at growing your online presence.

Today we look at the 4 main areas a CMS should possess and delve in deep with each of those areas to show why each area is important with your overall online presence.

How To Integrate A VA Into Your Team [

How To Integrate A VA Into Your Team

The key to the success of any relationship is in the foundation. Establishing the right foundation can be the difference between total success at integrating a VA vs getting less than great results and not realising the value with your business.

In today’s session we cover the 7 Steps to integrating a new VA into your business and the step by step method from initial employment, all the way through to your VA performing like a well oiled machine.

How Much Involvement Should I Have With My Marketing Agency

How Much Involvement Should I Have With My Marketing Agency

Taking the plunge to outsource your online marketing can be daunting. It is normally up to the agency to present the options and the strategies to get the best Return On Investment.

In this conversation we discuss the difference between clients that pay you the money at the end of each month expecting to ‘get the results’ Vs clients that work hand in hand with their agency to leverage their efforts.

You’ll learn 4 benefits in working closely together and ‘How To’ get the maximum bang for your buck.

what are the exact costs of a Va

What Are The Exact Costs Of A VA?

When it comes to employing your VA there are additional costs that you need to consider that are above and beyond their hourly rate.

If you employ people locally you’re generally aware of what those costs are and exactly what you should and are not responsible to pay for. In today’s conversation we share those additional costs and what you should pay for to ensure you keep a long term employee that is prepared to grow with your business.

How To Keep All Of Your SEO When Redesigning Your Website

How To Keep All Of Your SEO When Redesigning Your Website

Upgrading your website should be a pleasant experience especially when you’re giving your business brand a fresh ‘new’ feel.

Whilst it’s important to upgrade your website to stay up to date with the latest technologies, it’s also important to ensure you keep and maintain any and all of your existing SEO if you would like to keep all of your hard earned authority.

In today’s post we talk about the specific steps to consider when you’re re-creating your site to ensure you hold onto your existing SEO and what to do if you’ve disappeared once your site has gone live.