Please carefully read the following [insert course name] Terms & Conditions.

I agree that I am contracting with Michael Atma (‘The Facilitator’) to participate in the [insert course name] (‘The Program’).

The ‘Program’ & agreement take immediate effect upon The Facilitator receiving the first payment.


– Access to the Conscious [insert course name] Membership Sitedetails can be found here
– Access to 2 x Live Group Coaching Calls with Michael


The cost and payment options of the program are as listed on the checkout page. If you would like to request a custom payment plan, please contact PRIOR to purchasing this program.

Payment is to be made via Paypal or your credit card/ debit card.

If payments are declined due to insufficient funds, or at the fault of the client, a $15 USD dishonour fee will be applied to the owed amount per day until the payment is successfully processed.


Transfers or cancellations are not available in this program.

Due to the digital nature of this offering, the program & agreement have a no refund policy.

We don’t have a back door policy. WHY? Because this is a program of change, commitment and creation. We are here to support you to stand powerful and create the vision you declared. It’s highly likely you have had a back door in a lot of areas in your life hence why you do not have the results you crave and deserve. No back door, no refunds, no quitting, this is all in.


Group calls will be scheduled by The Facilitator & they will endeavor to find a mutually beneficial time for all participants.

For anything related to account, tech, call times & links etc, please contact

Please note that at any point during the journey if you are feeling dissatisfied or upset, we expect you to initiate communication with the coaches to work through and hold true to your commitment. We are here to serve you. We will meet you half-way and ask from you to do the same and to do the work, going full in.


In order to honor and protect The Facilitator and all participants of this course, intellectual property, the client agrees not to disclose or communicate information about The Facilitator or participants practice, materials, fees, or methods to any third parties. The client also agrees NOT to give content from The Facilitator’s system or any other original content to other parties.

The Facilitator acknowledges that we may obtain confidential personal and/or business information from the Client and agrees to keep and maintain such information confidential and not to disclose or use such information without the Client’s prior consent.

Participants agree to the group calls being used as a future material at The Facilitator’s discretion.


This agreement may be subject to change providing The Facilitator gives one (1) week written notice in advance to the client.


Pathcutters // The Facilitator agree to:

Provide the Client professional coaching services to facilitate the achievement of agreed written goals.

The Client agrees to:

Arrive at each session on time, regardless of whether it is held electronically or in person.
Take full responsibility for his/her choices and decisions during the program.
Have funds available in their account for payment processing at least two (2) days before the scheduled charge date. Ensure any changes (contact info, payment info, etc.) are advised.

Participants are 100% responsible for all actions and non-actions.
Participants are 100% responsible for all results and non-results.

I (The Client) agree to the above terms and conditions.